Default How to localise a stock based ROM after flashing Custom ROM

Okay, im not sure if any of this has any real effect on the phone other than faster GPS lock but this is what I do after installing any stock based Rom like eXistenZ or PureXSP.

1. Make sure you are rooted with busybox installed
2. Download a build.prop editor from the Play Store, I used the one inside ROM Toolbox Pro
2. Look for the following lines and change their values to suit your home country/original firmware settings. I am using my UK settings as example.
- DD-mm-yyyy
- ro.product.locale.excluded: (remove any locales if you dont want them excluded)
- ro.product.locale.language: en
- ro.product.locale.region: GB
- ro.semc.version.cust: 1272-4687

3. Download FasterGPS from Play Store - change settings in the app to your nearest GPS server/location


If anyone knows any other ways or missed values, please let me know.

This may be common knowledge to most but it may help some new Sony users.

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