Question [Q] Mapping volume up/down to a bluetooth keyboard

I installed CM11 on this yesterday and so far so good. My final attempted tweak is to adjust the volume with my keyboard.

I edited Default.kl and managed to remap VOLUME_UP & VOLUME_DOWN but when I push it I'm only getting 3 steps: 100%, 0%, mute. I can still adjust the volume normally by opening 'Settings -> Sound -> Volume' so I'm stumped as to why I can't get the same behavior by sending a volume keypress. Why must OUYA make me use the slider?

My main hope is that I can get it working with my bluetooth keyboard and then use Flirc to program my remote to finally get volume control in Xbmc.

tldr; I'm sending volume_up/down keypresses via bluetooth but only getting 3 steps to the volume control...why?
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