Default Zopo C2 brick, please help.


I have a phone ZOPO C2 VER B. Phone turned off and do not ever want to turn on. It stopped responding to the charger, do not give any sign of life.
When connected to computer detects the phone, installs the drivers, the SP FLASH TOOL it detects. I pulled a few ROMs and I can not upload any ROM. It is always like this: It comes to 100% red belt and that's it. No error. The phone is detected as the MTK PORT, sometimes after reaching the 100% change in VCOM MediaTek USB DA. Here I give a link to the video where you can see how it looks.
I tried to upload separately preloader, recovery boot. Always the same ending. I tried with the battery in the phone, without the battery, hold Vloume - + Power, etc. Nothing gives all the time is the same.
Use three other PC to try. I have one more phone Zopo and on the same computer and the same driver is dowload rom with SFP without problems.

Phone is brick or can fix this?

Sorry for my english is bad