Phone How to translate LBE security master to english

So I was looking for a way to translate LBE security master. But all I could find was out dated apks. But I need the newest software so I stared looking and I manged to find a way to do it, So I made a list of all of the steps below:

1) Make sure you are rooted and have xposed framework installed.

2) Make sure you have LBE security master installed if you don"t you have to Google this "LBE安全大师(免ROOT)" and install it via clicking the install button.

3) Activate LBE by granting super user permission and rebooting.

4) Install the xposed module named LBE Security Master - Translation International :attached below.

5) Reboot and make sure the LBE Security Master - Translation International module is installed

6) Open LBE the start up page wont be translate but almost everything else will be.