Default Wallpaper auto resizing

Past PA 3.99 user here on the N4. Haven't even rooted/unlocked the N5 since I got it when the N5 was released. But the hover beta 1 pushed me passed the line to unlock and root the dang phone lol. I swore I was done with flashing dammit!

Now I have everything set up pretty much stock, but the wallpapers I use all resize on me. Is there a reason? Nothing force closes or anything, it just resizes and then reverts back to normal and can be recreated when in an app and then exiting to the homescreen or just by hitting the home button. Is there a fix for this? Kinda annoying but not a dealbreaker, coming from stock and knowing this is a beta.

EDIT: Please ignore my ignorance. This is caused by wallpaper wizardrii due to scrolling settings. <---Add me to G+!<---My colorscreen images