Post [Q]About CM Flare S Hang/Shutdown

Hello guys,
Im new here so I can't post to other sections yet so I will ask here.

(To sir ng0tkul4 if you are reading this, i need your comments cause i have installed your ROM, FlareS Genesis ROM (v1.2) i can't post a comment there yet from this thread

About my CM Flare S my problem is sometimes in standby mode (if I didn't touch it for an hour), it won't turn back on, I need to remove the battery first to be able to power it on again. And I notice when this happens the back of the phone gets hot its like im playing some 3d games.

And one more thing, everytime I remove the battery the time and date will reset back to 2013 manufacturing date. Are all CM Flare S like this?

If anyone has this kind of problem please share some info.
Any reply will be much appreciated.