Default Updating to kitkat

Hello, Id like to bring some life back into my a500 and installing Omnirom would be the way for me to get to that point. I currently am rooted and running Flexreaper-r9-a500_0.019.00_ww_gen1.

I recently had TWRP 2.1.3 on it, but somehow managed to screw that up and now used acer revoery and have CWM 5.0( thor2002ro rev1.3.4)

How in the world do I get the correct bootloader on here? Ive tried goo manager, but I may be doing something wrong.

Also I have no clue I have Skrilex bootloader. Im guessing no.

Can anyone help to get this rom running for me please. I was going to get a new tablet, but that idea was quickly shot down by SO