Default [Q] L5 E455: Dual SIM - Dual Standby?

Hi @all,

i'm searching at the moment for a phone with dual sim and without front camera, because in our company its forbidden to use phones with cameras. Backside-cameras will be destroyed with a drilling machine, but the most front cams are behind glass, and drilling through the glass possibly destroys the whole display.

So i found the l5 II E455, and i saw a "quick switch"-button to switch between both SIM-cards. Does this mean that only one SIM is reachable at the same time? Other phones like the acer e350 (which has the same chipset i think) seems to have "dual standby", which means you can get a call at every SIM at every time (except you have already an active call). Someone here who can explain this to me?

thanks, jennix