Default [Q] Cyanogenmod 11 battery time

Everytime I flash the latest build of cm11 I get no problems at all with the rom, no glitches. It works perfectly for me, except for the battery time.
When I use my phone for simple texting or tweeting or anything of that form, my battery seems to be drained in a short period of time. The battery time in standby is still the same as stock rom.

I am currently using cm11-20140429 for the E975 model
I have tried changing kernels, I am currently using the 4.4.2 cyanokernel from this thread
I have tried turning of Google Now Launcher and i switched back to the stock cm11 trebuchet, but the problem remained.
the problem is not battery-related or charger-related since the battery worked perfectly on stock rom(more than 24 hours of listening to music on standby)

So I was wondering if any of you had the same problem or if there's any solution that you guys have found?