Default [Q] How to keep home screen and widget settings between ROMs?

So one of the reasons I hesitate when switching ROMs is because I don't wanna go through the tedious process of setting up my homescreens and widgets. I know that Titanium Pro and Google Play backup my apps and can restore them for me after flashing a new ROM but it's the tedious stuff like signing into every app and organizing my folders and widgets that kills me.

Is there a setting in Titanium that allows me to save all that stuff? And am I using it wrong? When I flash a new ROM I should just skip the Google sign in process, disable the automatic restore from Google Play, and just launch Titanium right away? From there what do I choose if I want the apps and my personal settings back? Restore All Apps+Data? I don't do anything with System Data if I'm jumping between ROMs right? Do I select to "Keep the Previous ID" when it asks?

I know these are probably easy answers I just want to make sure I've been doing it right this whole time. I know how to keep my apps between ROMs flashing for the most part. I'd just like to keep my homescreen and widgets there too. I use Google Launcher btw and not Nova Prime anymore. I like the convenience of being able to say 'OK Google' and swiping left to get to Google Now.

Thanks in advance for the helps guys.