Default [Q][SOLVED][HELP] /system, /data not mounting


I have an i9000 (Obvious) which, I put in the freezer (please don't ask me why). So, the problem is I had put it at a Live OC of 120% and opened antutu benchmark and put it in the freezer. I know that my phone hangs if I open some heavy apps at 120%. So, that is what happened with the phone while benchmarking. So I had to force shutdown and when I turned it on, it first showed me the error of "Process System is not responding". I clicked on wait. Well, the Status Bar wouldn't turn on and I assumed that the System UI was retarded at the moment. So I factory reset and flashed ROMs multiple times. BUT, I lost access to /data and /system. So I tried restoring, and it did Restore but didn't work, same stuff happened.
So, Ultimately I flashed Stock ROM and tried flashing another ROM again but no. No access to /data or /system. I did this multiple times until I realised I have access to /system and /data and am able to mount them via the CF-ROOT Kernel and that the Stock ROM works fine. Please help!

EDIT: I just forgot to format /system and /data before switching from GB to KK
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