Default [Q] Want to build CM11 for my hltespr. Just a few questions.

I am planning on building CM11 for my device which is a Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (hltespr, SM-N900P). I am aware that there are nightly builds that I can flash, but I want to build it manually for the educational aspect.

From what I have read, the repository hlte ( is the repository for the SG Note 3, but I am wondering how this works for the different carriers.

If I build and flash that version unmodified will it work, or do I need to make modifications to that to make it specific to the hltespr?

I can't seem to find a solid guide that is specific to any device, just the SG Note 3 in general.

If I am way off or all over the place, or if this is completely obvious I apologize, and I thank you for any help you offer.