Default Can't donwload to internal SD card

Hi all, 1st post,

Have just rooted my G300 and discovered the cyanogen mod 10.1 for for huawei ascend G300. I'm amazed at the performance of the phone now, its like errrr a completely different phone! I have also installed PurePerformances™X_CM.1.4 which has made it even smoother. Result.

My only problem now is no software apps or browser can seem to use the internal sd card as a download location.

Namely Marvin spectrum emulator for example says "cannot access /storage/sdcard0/marvin.

But also UC browser and other apps are having trouble with the same location.

I can browse in file manager all the files on there. Quite frustrating .
Is it something to do with permissions, cant seem to find a fix on search.

Any ideas folks.