Default [Q] ROM with Verizon Overseas Roaming and International Data Use Support. . .

The title pretty much sums it up. I travel A LOT internationally. I have the Razr M which is running quite slow at the moment after 2 1/2 years of consistent use. I'd like to root and put on a custom ROM, however when I've done this in the past I've had serious issues connecting to data services while roaming.

Can anyone confirm that they continuously use a Razr M with a custom ROM on a consistent basis internationally and have no problem connecting to different roaming networks?

I'm open to any particular ROM, I haven't been running anything custom since CM7 years ago. . . If it won't connect to data when roaming I will not do it however.

Anyways I would sincerely like to apologize if there is a thread on this topic, I have searched exhaustively but the words "roaming" and "international" obviously bring up all kinds of unnecessary other threads.