Default Stuck at Verizon logo after factory reset. Rooted with stock recovery

I have a rooted Verizon G2 on lastest KK OTA. Stock recovery. I wanted to increase my volume so I made a change to system/etc/mixer_paths.xml. I created a backup (renamed .bak) in the same location. For some reason after rebooting I got stuck at the Verizon boot animation. So I boot into stock recovery (which is just the option to factory reset) and did a factory reset. After that finished, it rebooted and I got stuck at the LG logo. Did another factory reset and now I'm stuck back at the Verizon logo again. Any ideas? I'm guessing I'm probably just going to have to revert back to the stock firmware but I'm hoping there's a better route

Edit: Ended up following this guide and I'm up and running again:
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