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Hello mates, here are three useful thread links of mine and some tips/guide I've posted in a rom thread which I think should be for others too.
#To get more ram after flashing S5 mod.
Through Titanium Backup freeze this apps -
Air wakeup
Baby cry detector
Dual city widget
Finger print
Health service
Home screen festival widget
Total 14 apps of Kids mod(if one really don't need/use it, freezing all these 14 apps saves ram a lot).
Parental control
Personal page service
Quick connect and quick connect interaction service (these two are battery drainer)
S Baro
Yellow pages
...After freezing these 27 apps from S5 mod and other common culprits (find other link of bloatware remover)
I am getting minimum ram 652 and maximum 834 with S5 mod rom.

# To get Good/Amazing sound experience
😊 choice of sound/media output varies from user to user, still here is for you and for other mates-
1. Install viper
Open it, grant root, let the driver installed, enable it and reboot.
Original thread of Viper Audio Mod-
2. After enabling Convolver, press to
Impulse response, it will create a folder under /sdcard/Viper4Android
You will find a folder named 'kernel' under Viper4Android folder.
Now put this file there.
Now open viper app and press impulse response, select that .irs file.
From Settings/Music Effects, select Viper.
This ends the effect/sound modification part, now loudness-
4.You can flash and choose your sound level from aroma by flashing hurricane sound boost tool from here
Reboot, now play with viper and choose your settings, just don't enable extra loud and master gate on speaker settings.
# For S5 Photo Editor without S5 Mod
# For S5 mod keyboard and original keyboard for all 4.4.2 roms
# For many system fonts

Thank you all.
NiToL mArUf
Using GT P-1000
HTC HD with GB 2.37
Galaxy Note2
Galaxy Tab 3