Default Data connection won't turn white!

Hey guys, so over the last 2 hours I've been trying different ROMs to see which I like and give me the best data speeds.

During the process I thought I flashed the att JB radio but wasn't sure so I flashed it again.

After that no matter what ROM or what radio it will not fully connect.

It stays orange on tweaked aosp based ROMs but still gives some data connection, while on stock based ROMs it won't connect to data period.

I tried flashing some the mako 0.48 radio and nothing, then the JB radio, nothing, then the ICS and then the JB, nothing.

I thought maybe I messed up the EFS so I restored a backup and still orange no matter what. D-:

Please help me fix this.

Edit: Restored my Beanstalk backup from this morning and the data icon turns white
Edit 2: flashed stock JB and still doesn't connect.
Edit 3: connects fine, stock JB wouldn't connect because APN wasn't set.