Default [Q] ADB Reboot to bootloader only rebooting to OS

I've been trying to flash a new kernal on my (rooted) Kacaso M766 and there really isn't much support for it anywhere.

Nevertheless, I have (as far as I know) successfully installed adb. Everything appears fine in adb, at least. Using the "devices" command shows the tablet, back up works, resetting adb with the root permission command works, and I was able to create a debug dump, but when I use the reboot to bootloader command, my tablet reboots to the OS still.

Any ideas of what could be wrong?

I can't get to the bootloader via button combinations, but I've figured out how to get to Fastboot and Recovery with button combinations and even safe mode, but none of them bring up the bootloader screen. There are only three buttons but like I said, little to no support for this manufacture so it might be some strange button combo for all I know.

Also when I go into fastboot then plug in a USB the tablet shows up as WM8950. Any idea what drivers would I use?

Any help would be welcome.