Default [Q] Need help!! File Permissions

Hi all,

I am new here and here goes my first post/querstion at XDA.
I was using some apk when my Device suddenly crashed. I restarted, everything looked fine. The problem started when I tried to open other apk which needs data file from Android Data folder for second operation. The apk was not able to access the files from data folder. I checked my file explorer and found the permissions(displayed at the end of the folder) have changed to -drw(for sure) from -rw(most probably). With this I am not able to delete/move any file from the device storage because the permissions of all other folders have changed to as abaove. If I try to move file, it makes a new copy on my extStorage but the original file is there as it is. The files can't be deleted either. Since my tab is rooted, I installed Root explorer to change file permissions. The permissions under Owner are all unchecked and Group/Others are checked. When I check the Read/Write/Execute permissions for owner, it says cannot be modified(its default disability message). Fed up of all this I went for Factory reset as a final option. I tried to backup using Ti but after some 10% it said not enough space. So I manually backed up whatever I could and went ahead with reset. I successfully did the factory reset and my tablet looked as fresh as when I bought it the first time. All factory apps only but when I was about to be happy, I opened the device storage just to find all those files and data still there, staring at me with their -drw stamp.
My device is Iberry(China I guess) and works on ICS. It is rooted. I had Su Superuser and busy box installed prior to the factory reset but after Factory Reset all apps are gone except their data in the device storage. Please help!