Thumbs up [Q] Android external display


First at all I apologise for posting this topic here, I know that it is not in the correct forum, but I am not able to post in the developers forum... and dam it, I am a senior developer!

This is my scenario: I have a Nexus 4 rooted and I am running Ubuntu (desktop version, not Ubuntu Touch) on my device chrooting it.

To get access to my Ubuntu installation I can use ssh (command line) or VNC (desktop environment, in my case LXDE). However, I'd like to automatically run Ubuntu when I connect my device to an external monitor, something similar to "Ubuntu for Android".

Thanks to the new Android 4.2 "Secondary Displays" API I can detect when an external display is connected but I don't know if I can access to this display from my Ubuntu chroot directly or I'll need to continue using VNC.

So, my question is:
Is there any way to access my second display from my chrooted Ubuntu and configure X11 to output on this display?

Thank you very much in advance