Default [Q] hi everyone, can I root my Experia z tablet lte version?

Hi everyone, new to the forum. With the lack of storage on my Experia z tablet, im having to resort to uninstalling many apps from my device. Ideally I would like to install apps on to my sd card. However I read somewhere online that for this I would have to root the device.

My device is lte version and unlocked to all networks. Originally the device was on vadafone uk. I still would like to have lte functionality. No warranty issues as I bought the device of eBay.

Model number: sgp321
Android version: 4.3

Baseband version: 9x15A-ACEFWMAZQ-30110089-54

Kernel version
Builduser@buildhost #1
Wed Jan 15 17:28:36 2014

Build number

Any help would be much appreciated.