Default @234653324 and mod rom question mtk

hello xda.

i got a mtk 6589T device and there are no custom roms to find for my device.
So i decided to made a custom rom by myself.
I create a whole new theming rom and i'm now halfway.
I made a carliv touch port for it and it has a 2 gig data partition instead of 1 gig.
But now i want to add my sig in the about phone options.
So i added a line in settings/res/value/string and 1 in res/xml/device_info_settings.
But when i reboot i only got for example @124543657 and not my credits that is set in the string.xml.
second know someone how to add a powermenu for mtk devices because the tutorials on xda does not working in a mtk setting

last may i release my rom here on xda as a noob?

grts b,