Default [Q] SD Card Permissions

So I use Poweramp as my music player(one of the fews apps I've ever actually purchased) and one of my MOST favorite things about it was the ability to edit tags in the app.

With Kit-kat, Google decided to remove the permissions to allow me to do this.
So I followed the poweramp suggestions and I rooted my device with WeakSauce.
I then installed SuperSU and even verified that my device was rooted with another app.
And then I installed SDFix which is supposed to grant permissions to allow me to edit files on the SD Card.
Well, after all those steps and countless reboots, it still won't let me edit the tags in Poweramp.
It says to allow global permissions from SuperSU but idk how to do that even tho I've been Googling around for a fix.
Any help?
Yes, it is an HTC one M8 on Verizon.