Angry POSSIBLE SOLUTION TO SOD [Sleep of Death] - Stock firmware

Hi everyone, for who is suffering with this problem, here we go, let's FIX IT !
First of all, this is not a 100% sure fixing method, but I want to work with you people of XDA in order to solve this problem.

I discovered that the problem is in the manageing of the wifi during the deep sleep.
When the phone is sleeping, if for any reason the signal is lost, and the SII+ trys to reconnect to the access point, here we have the SOD.
This happens only during the deep sleep.

So I think how to avoid this situations. A solution could be to set the wifi policy, in "Wifi Advance", when the screen is off to NEVER and check the option "Check Internet Connection", reboot and done.

I'm using this simple configuration since 2 days and it seems that the SOD are gone. I'm not sure about it and i'm writing here because I want to share this solution whit everyone.
So please try and let me know here !
THANKS !!!! : laugh: