Default [Q] Camera save location


It seems like the stock camera app is saving pics taken "normally" and videos in the one folder while shots taken in burst mode (even if only 1 shot was fired) and timeshift burst photos are put in separate folders. This means that a single burst, even if there's only a single file, is in it's own folder.

This makes any gallery app a mess because it honours the folder structure first and then the user defined sort order second.

I would like a way to force the app to consolidate all my files in a single folder or find a way to force a gallery app to display them all as a single folder. The Google+ Photos app will do this but it doesn't let me choose which folders to include or ignore so it pulls all non-photos as long as there are images. I really like Quickpic but it doesn't do what I need at the moment.

Can somebody please tell me if what I've requested is possible? I am open to using alternative gallery apps.