Tutorial Can I install Cerberus disguised version without installing costom recovery?

I have installed Cerberus but want to go one step further and get disguised version of Cerberus so what it could survive factory reset. I have unlocked bootloader and rooted my Moto G but sadly there is no way I can install the .zip because if I try doing so via adb using "fastboot boot" command to load custom firmware just once (without flashing it) it doesn't work. Phone simply reboots and that's it.
I read that there is a problem using "fastboot boot" on 4.4.2 devices in both CWM and twrp (tried both with a same results).

I really don't want to install custom recovery as this phone will be used by not so tech savy person and I would like them to get OTA updates as soon as they are available.

1) Is there any way the phone can still receive OTA updates after installing different recovery?
2) Will the new update "break" Cerberus app in any way?
3) And what does Cerberus disguised really mean? Does it become system app? Can I make cerberus as a system app without flashing .zip so what it would survive factory reset?