Exclamation [Q] Phone shows factory mode upon Booting


I have a note 3 from Tmobile running a 9005 ROM. I have this issue

Whenever the phone starts, it shows a warning that phone is in "Factory Mode"needs to be changed into " User mode" and it turns the wifi off.

The phone works well, no issues. I can even re-enable the wifi after the warning and it works too.

I tried resetting to stock..Did not work.

Tried the rm /efs/factoryapp/keystr in terminal and it says cannot find file.

I noticed that the efs folder is empty ( went via root explorer)... My IMEI comes up when i dial *$06#.

I also found that another person has this same issue with a 9005. But nobody has posted anything in reply


Should i be worried?... I do concede that i was stupid enough not to make a backup of the efs folder..

Any help would be appreciated

A big hearty thanks to all those people whose posts i followed before to get out of trouble...