Question [Q] GPS is not finding any satellite

OK I fixed it
I dont know...

May be one of theese:
- wiping /system and reinstalling kdz
- opening the back cover and touching everything...


Sorry for my bad english...

I have LG E730 with Stock ICS (V20C Italy)
About a few weeks ago I upgraded it to this rom (4.0.4)
Yesterday I noticed that GPS cant receive satellite signals
It can locate in Google MAPS nearly...Of course AGPS data...
But; iGO, Sygic etc apps and other tools never find any satellite.
I did a lot of things to solve this problem but...

(A)GPS Fix
(A)GPS Aid
(A)GPS something
(A)GPS everything...
Hard Reset
Unistall Google MAPS
Reinstall GoogleMAPS

I am really too tired... Please help me...