Default [Q] S4 Refuses to boot normally, recovery, or download mode.

My s4 has been doing this since yesterday where it shuts off and wont be able to turn on. It happened once yesterday and I booted to recovery and wiped data and it fixed the issue. I updated my phone today with odin to ND1(I have a US Cellular s4) and it seemed fine. It shut off randomly once and I didn't think anything of it and it booted up fine. I flashed the Cyanogenmod may 3rd nightly and it was working just perfectly with no problems.

Later today I take it out of my pocket and it wont boot. Cant get to recovery, or download mode. All that happens is it flashes the boot screen for a second or two then goes blank.

Could this be a hardware problem?

If not any idea how to fix this???
Devices: S4, Tab 2 10.1 and Nexus 7 2012. Labtop Lenovo G510 Dual booting Ubuntu and Windows 8.1