Default [Q] IP address unavailable

Hello guys,
I am new to the forum and also kinda noob on flashing roms.
My only other experience was flashing a custom rom on a sony ericsson x10mini.
First of all my model is v50020b ,i have rooted my g pad after extensive searching and installed the TWRP recovery.
Thankfully first thing i did is to make a backup of the stock lg rom because i had a feeling that something might go wrong.
On our topic now, i have tottaly flashed 4 roms and every single one of them gave me the same problem..
My IP address was anaveilable, the wifi icon stayed grey and every time i was trying to connect to my rooter it seemed that the tablet is not even trying! showing me on the wifi settings "saved.protected with WPA"
When i flash back my original rom everything is fine!

I have tested deleting dalvik cache but nothing happened. The IP address whatever i did was unaveilabe.
On the internet there are little to no solutions and i am thinking if i am the only one with this problem!
Any help would be welcome!!
Sorry for my teribble english