Default GPS fix for MTK 6589T -THL W8S

Finally fixed my cheap Galaxy s4 clone and I will share it.

In short:
Make the A-GPS and EPO settings with Mobile Uncle.
Download MANUALLY EPO.DAT, copy to the right folder, give rights.
Set your location with Fast GPS
Delete 1 file.
RESTART- no questions - need restart.
Add an antenna to his cover case.

The story in detail:
Very nice S4 clone has a problem with the GPS. Not just the software part is hard, but his GPS antenna is very weak.

First you need to root it. With Framaroot I did it, later needed rooted privileges operations.

Once you have rooted it, download Mobileuncle Tools
Start it, grant access root. -it needs it.
  1. Engeneer Mode
  2. Engeneer Mode ( MTK )
  3. Swipe ( scrool ) to Location - on the right
  4. Location Based Service
  5. it will be selected the AGPS. Deselect and select the Enable A-GPS,don't touch others
  6. click on EPO
  7. click and unclick on "Enable EPO" ( must be selected but do an action in ui to make sure it write the settings)
  8. at this point the autodownload it isn't working!!! unselect it, no reason to try to download it.
  9. at EPO file info you can see - when you come back later when will expire. It is valid 30 days only.
  10. Exit from Mobileuncle Tools

If it would work the download, then it would download and copy the EPO.DAT file to /data/misc/ folder. It is 270kilobytes and has right 777, altought not needed to be executable, but if you miss a right, than again: no GPS signal.
Download manually from http:

with PC and move to phone or download with your phones browser, whatever.... need to be moved to the to /data/misc/ folder with the correct rights.

Get a Root explorer, browser and go to to /data/misc/ folder.
Delete the mtkgps.dat file. - his cache.

Download and install Faster gps.
This will help to get faster the first fix, instead of never....
I can't believe, but I set the correct NTP server and didn't received GPS updtates(Romania). Changed to a neighbourhood country: Hungary and got, changed to Germany and restarted the phone got signal. Changed back to Romania no more signal. Today got with Romania. The idea is to set where you live, but maybe the server will be down or for some reasons need to change it later
  1. Select your Continent
  2. Select your Country
  3. Exit from Faster GPS

This will edit the gps.conf file at /ect/ folder. Now has the rw-r--r-- rights. Everyone can read and just the owner can write it.
For me has the following content: I am sure you can use better one, but be close to your country.

Restart your phone.

Install GPS Test and open it.
  • Menu
  • Settings
  • Clear AGPS

I don't know why needed, but after a clear I need to wait a little bit more but after that I see the communication between the satellites.
After the Clear AGPS the InView number it resets ( and hopefully it will try to communicate with the right satellites)

If you are inside of a building than thats all, you have worked until now without any results, because if you aren't near a window or the building has good ground than no GPS signal for you. With more ore less the Official news recommending to do it like this way. Outside of the building with clean sky and enabled data connection( needs some data!) you can get fix in 10-20 seconds with 5 meter accuracy( sometimes 5 sec). At car it depends where are you and your phone is near of the window or not. If is near and it is summer than it will heat up, so you must move from window and than will loose the GPS signal.

Take a few screenshots for your reference and shut down the phone.
Take off his cover, need to be done a magic with: and antenna.

Go buy a Milka chocolate or ask you wife / mother to give you a aluminium band -she is using at kitchen to store various foods on it. Or go and buy aluminium band from special stores. Make an 3-5 mm wide aluminium tape with around 8 cm length.
The length it is important and can be calculated exactly based of GPS frequency used, but can't measure - at least me - how much is the distance to the motherboard because of different holes.

As show on the images(attached): from the earphone hole to below of the power button hole with 1 cm.

I didn't touched the original antenna, no soldering needed. - maybe if it would be, then it would be better.

Stick that aluminium band with something and put back the cover.

The expected result at me it is: I have signal, where I hadn't ever(at my bad) and the fixes are faster.

External antenna it needed, please see:

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