Default [Q] Tethering and Hotspot Error Moto G

hi everybody,

I am using Sprint MOTO G, in INDIA had Purchased from vendor in unlock state.

the SIM, Data, Messgae works fine..

But i am not able to use the Wifi Tethering option in it.
when tryng to check the "Check box" for 'Portable Wi-Fi hotspot' i get he Message pop up saying

"Unable to connect to data network; turning off tethering or Hotspot. You may not be subscribed the Tethering and Hotspot service; Please contact your phone company"

Please can anyone send his/'her carrier folder from the root of the device so that will be able to use the the said option...
as the Same Problem was in Sprint LG G2, 'the tethering was not enabled in the New LG G2, so i tricked to add the files from the Used Phone of Sprint LG G2 and it worked... the same Problem is here.'

If you have an alternate, Please share as i might be getting a short cut.

Thank you,