Default Mic not working in calls

Alright guys.

I got a rooted Verizon Note 3 4.3 running safestrap with Hyper drive in Rom slot 1 and stock slot has... Well, good ol reliable TouchWiz.

A few days after (sorta) flashing this new Rom, my microphone stops working in calls.

Speaker works for both roms, but if I'm trying to place a personal call on either Rom, it don't work. I can hear them, so my speaker is fine. Tried turning on and off all the noise cancelling stuff and assisted hearing stuff. Nothing.

My voice recorder picks everything up, but I think that's the same mic for speaker. If anyone can enlighten me, please help me fix this.

I'd rather not factory reset and flash if possible, so seeing if anyone else has had this issue. I don't think my mic has taken any damage.

If anything, I'll factory reset and stuff, but I don't think it'll help because the mic doesn't work on both roms. I'd hate to figure out how to Odin back to stock completely, lose root, and somehow figure out how to get rid of the knox 0x1 count I THINK I have. Custom recovery and warranties don't seem to mix.. So I hear.

Please help fellas.