Default chinese sm-n9006

Hey guys so like i dont wanna hear it ok dont go your a noob your a idiot etc i know im a noob i know im an idiot and other wonderful words just help me DDD

haha oki now that you have read the disclaimer lets get onto it!.

so i got this phone and was like lets root this bad boy! rooted it was a peice of cake with @Chainfires cf auto root kit and then i couldnt install a new rom....

so i installed a difirent recovery now its all screwed! i ddnt wipe my phone but i think i installed a recovery rom not intended for my phone and all i can see is boot to recovery mode => normal mode => fastboot mode =>

my volume up and down buttons dont help me to move the cursor and the power button doesnt allow me to select the option but the home buttom moves the cursor.

this is if i go into recovery mdoe however if i go into download mode the screen is just blank and windows trys to install an MTK[preloader device dont know what this is!

if i boot the phone normally then it will boot up fine but will reboot shortly after sucessfully booting in... and it displays safe mode in the bottom right hand corner

any ideas people ?