Angry root emerson em743 tablet jellybean 4.1.1 w/recovery

Hi out there is there anyone who has info on rooting and recovery and rom

emerson em743 7in tablet
ro.product.cpu.abi rk2928sdk
ro.product.cpu.abi2 armeabarmeabi-v7a
droid2 4.0.4 stableish (rip)
Droid3 4.2.0 lol blew up in a cloud of smoke (rip)
wifes droid 3 rooted oc 1288 street 1388 1395000 vsel strip antutu slicks lol uv 228 1000000 vsel
att galaxy s4 stock at the moment (forced patch)
Sons evo 4g (old) in limbo rom wise need offical but rooted
Daughters cricket s3 stock
Shout out to dan rosenberg aka djrbliss ,my wife with her everything is possible and last but not least my kids and grand babys