Info [Q] phone cannot detect sd card after bitlocker encryption turned on

Firstly,i'd like to explain the situation here.My gf who works in audit company was told by their managment to turn on the bitlocker encryption on their laptops for security measures,after she did it,the laptop itself is unable to recognize the phone storage.On the phone itself it states the usb is in use and storage is unavailable.The main concern is the phone is not rooted and bootloader is still locked.So far i've only managed to pull out system folder from the phone using adb commands which is pointless cause the text messages is not stored inside it. she doesn't care about the sd card contents,she only wants to backup the text messages into pc.Im unable to pull the contents in the data/data path,permission is denied using adb pull commands.Is there any other way/alternatives to get the messages from the phone before i factory reset it?Please do help

**HTC sync only provide contacts option to be backed up,the rest of the function is unavailable due to sd card not available**