Default GPE: Possible to get JB 4.3 Dialer instead of the KK 4.4 ?

I tried out the GPE ROM, and it was awesome, expect for one app, I use a lot. The Phone / Contacts apps. I actually use my phone a lot to make calls for business, and the new Kit Kat dialer sucks. I much prefer the older Phone app, that came way back in 4.0 ICS, and stayed through 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3. Which was the Black dial pad with blue numbers and could swipe left or right to get to contacts or missed calls, etc... It worked very well, was simple, and clean.

But WTF did Google do to the Phone app in Kit Kat 4.4 ? It's radically different now, like have to pull up to get the dial pad going ? And I tried swiping in that screen, and favorites started getting deleted, it didn't move to to the next screen right away,. I had to tap a tab button. Oh, whatever, it just sucks, and I heard that the biggest update to 4.4.3 due soon, is an all Phone / Dialer app, so even Google knows they screwed it up.

But, is there a way to push the older 4.3 JB Phone.apk to the current GPE ROM, or is there no way that would ever work ?
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