Default Questions about .pit file

OK so currently I'm using AOSB with AGNi kernel. System partition is around 2gb, but I'm currently using about 600mb. I figured I could use a pit file and edit the partitions but I'm having some doubts. Hope somebody can clear my doubts. So, here goes the questions.

1) I have the pit file, it there a way for me to edit it easily?
2) Instructions on flashing it? Are there anything else I need other than the pit file?
A) Can I use mobile ODIN to flash it?
3) from my research, I will lose my data. I can make a backup and restore it without any issues right?
4) will there be any stability issues?
5) What partitions can I modify and how much memory can I remove from each partitions for my user memory?
6) are there anything that I have to be careful about when doing this?

Thanks in advance
N7105 rocking AOSB with AGNi kernel
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