Unhappy [Q] Bluetooth dropping and/or not connecting?

Hey all -

From looking around the 'net, this is not news to anyone with a TB. The bluetooth on my phone either takes HOURS to connect, if it connects at all, or will connect and then drop connection within about five minutes and never connect again.

This is with two different audio devices, and an OBD-II automobile diagnostic thingy.

I'm bummed because I just got the BT car dongle and didn't realize the issues until after it arrived and I couldn't get a reliable connection to it, so started googling.

My question, since this is the one thing I have NOT been able to find: Has anyone SOLVED this issue?

I'm currently running the Jelato UnSense ROM with the latest radio.

I'm going to try (just for kicks) the MacekMod "Mecha Rebirth 4.0"