Default PTAB780 Polaroid Kids Tablet 2 (southerntelecom)

Anyone here on XDA have this tablet? I can't seem to find any info on the internet about it.

I need to reflash it, as the OTA (1.3.1) update failed. It just boot loops between the recovery and the Polaroid logo. Unfortunately Southern Telecom support is telling me there is no update. There is no downloads on there support website for this tablet..not even the original firmware..they want me to send it back to them again. (last time it took two months cause of a screen issue)
It's my sons christmas present and he likes to read books on it.

I am able to connect by ADB, and I pulled the files, but it appears that most of the system files are gone
If someone could provide the URL or somehow pull the system files from it that would be soo helpful.