Default Feeling really stuck, Please help!

Ok, lets start from the beginning,
I needed to fix the gps lock on my htc one, so I read that flashing back from cm11 to a sense based rom would fix this, so I flash Viper one in cwm, everything seemed good, until it didn't boot, only booted into bootloader, reflashed a recovery image in fastboot and restored my cm11 backup, so I think everything all good now. But now, I don't have a radio apparently, and my one doesn't recognize the internal sd card in the OS (I can see it in CWM) Help!
HTC One- Viperom W/ Wolfpack Kernel
Nexus 7- Smooth Rom 5 W/ Trinity 7
OC'd 1.5 Ghz
(OLD) Samsung Epic 4G-CM10

I am not responsible for bricked devices, or anything else that u do. YOU are choosing to make these modifications, So don't blame me!