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Sorry to hijack but i asked a question in a different thread that never got replied to.

If I follow the root process and then flash a custom ROM, will I automatically unlock the bootloader? I want to keep this locked with the camera issues ive heard about

As wassaid above, the only way to unlock the bootloader is via the official Sony method, you cannot do it by accident

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No. If u flash custom ROM, ur bootloader will stay no matter the custom ROM change. There is no way to automatic unlock ur bootloader. U have to unlock manually.
Beside LB vs UB. There's no different
O wow, there is a world of difference!!!!
With unlocked bootloaders you can flash custom kernels and bring all that a custom kernel can bring you. True custom roms (Not stock based ones) but CM/AOSP etc as well as the possibility of OC/UC/UV, there is a whole host of advatages to custom kernels. Just take a look at any custom kernel thread in the original development section. None of that can be done on locked bootloaders

How to get root on Xperia Z1 with KitKat 4.4.2, 4.4.3 & 4.4.4

If you are unsure, then read this.
If you are still unsure, watch this.

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