Lightbulb [Q] on and off screen discoloration

Hi guys, I recently replaced the glass on my note 2 and the repair was successful. Everything on the phone is fully functional.

However, I notice that the phone sometimes switches to a strange discolored mode and then back to normal.

When the display is discolored, it looks like what is happening in this video:

So does anyone know what the issue is? Have I damaged the ribbon cable somehow?
The LCD and digitizer seem to be unscathed. When the screen is not in "discoloration mode" the colors are crisp and clear.

Something really strange I've noticed is that sometimes the screen only discolors when I pull down the status bar. It will only be discolored for the status menu. The rest of the screen will remain fine. This does not happen all the time. Sometimes the entire screen has no discoloration at all.

I'm not sure what I've done but, any feedback is appreciated, thanks!