Default [Q] S4 wifi problem

Hey guys,
I use C-ROM for about a week now (I installed it 4h after I got my S4) and all in all it's a great ROM.

But I have some problem with it:
I have a wifi set up by my PC (with some cmd work), due to the restrictions by my carrier.
Every device I own (Tablet and Laptop) find this network and have no problems with this setup at all.
However this device has some problem: At first, when the Wifi is set up the first time, the S4 will connect to the Wifi with no problem at all.
After some time (I don't know what it depends on) the S4 does not find the Wifi anymore.
My Tab (Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 LTE) and my Laptop however still find the wifi and everything works.
To get the S4 work with the Wifi again I have to setup the Wifi completely again (I actually hae to change the SSID), after that it all works.

I'm not sure however if that's a general problem with 4.4 or with this rom.
I think i can remove the device itself from the error list, as all other Wifi-networks work perfectly.

Thanks for your help!