Default Have Cell reception bars but says no sim! Can not do anything.

So I have been having an issue with sim card errors with a custom rom and kernel. So i decided to just to go back to stock so i odin back to stock. Then flash the root with odin. And now i seem to be having a new kind of sim error where i can visibly see that i have signal bars that dont just sit at 5 bars in fact it fluctuates like normal from 2 to 5 bars. But yet the phone says no sim and i cant make calls of anything. My imei and baseband are intact from what i can see when going to about phone and looking and from the hidden menu codes. I have even tried to take the sim out and restart the phone with no sim inserted and it oddly enough showed me that i have 5 signal bars and i did not notice it fluctuate like before but i did not wait long. If anyone knows anything i can do please let me know. I need this fixed badly!