Default How to get ROOT For NC5 from NC5 OTA!

I could be entirely wrong, but after some conversation with @klabit87, I think we've found a useful little tidbit for people wanting to have root for NC5 and who have either just purchased a S4 with NC5, or have accidentally or intentionally taken NC5 OTA update and then find they'd like to have root on NC5. You just have to downgrade your bootloader from NC5 to NC2! From there, follow @Surge1223's instructions for downgrading from NC2 to MK2, get MK2 and root with saferoot, and then use @Surge1223's instructions for upgrading to NC5 with Root.

I apologize to the moderators and devs if I'm entirely out of line in posting this, and won't be offended if this thread is locked or deleted.
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