Default [Q] DashClock on Lockscreen ?

Anyone here running DashClock ? I tried to put on my Lock screen, and figured that out. Just had to swipe to the left in lock screen, and hit the + button, and add the Widget, then I deleted the normal clock in the default lock screen, and moved Dash Clock there.

Ok all works, BUT...I only see a small condensed DashClock, just the time, with the weather and missed calls on a tiny spot near the right of clock. But, is there a way to keep Dash Clock expanded? Without having to drag it down each time ?

I am running the GPE ROM on my HTC One M8.
HTC One M8 - Glacial Silver- ATT
SinLessROM GPe v3.4.1 | Google Play Edition | 4.4.4
Speck Candy Shell case

Galaxy S4 - white AT&T
Stock, no root or ROM's, thanks ATT