Arrow [Boot Animation] 09.05.2014 - Samsung Galaxy S4 Stock ROM "QMG" BIOS Boot Animation

Hello guys.

This is a BIOS Boot Animation in the official Samsung stock format "*.qmg"
It works in ALL stock rooted Galaxy S4 ROMS.

I will not give you instructions.
You are going to mess with system files, therefore I'm not responsible for any corruption to your phone OS.
If you don't know what you're doing, DO NOT do it.

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Includes: bootsamsung.qmg, bootsamsungloop.qmg, PowerOn.ogg
>>> PACK <<<

>>> bootsamsung.qmg <<<
>>> bootsamsungloop.qmg <<<
>>> PowerOn.ogg <<<

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>> F.A.Q. <<

Q: Power on sound do not start with animation. Not synchronized.
A: Nothing i can do. For some reason Samsung delayed the sound initialization.

Q: The animation is running to fast. Can't you make it slower?
A: Possible, but since the phone boots really fast, if I make the animation any slower the animation will not show all.

Q: What software have you used to make the animation?
A: I used the good old Paintbrush and Notepad to create the images, and used Samsung Theme Designer to create the QMG files.

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