Unhappy [Q] Abnormal network traffic/connections?

Looks like my system apps are uploading something at 1+ Mb/s.
They have been ongoing for about 10minutes, then I kill data. Once it's restored they go back to uploading.
Happening on LTE. I have zero spare bandwidth, webpages wont load.
I can't make them stop!
I am not rooted.

Does anyone have any idea why these apps are uploading at Mb/s?

I rebooted a few times and got a completely new IP address.
My previous IP address whois info was registered to "DoD Network Information Center."
(30.248.181.***) Which is where my data was being uploaded to. Was it using me/my bandwidth like a VPN or a pass through for other people?

Now the massive connections have stopped and everything is back to normal.
I'd still like to know why "Settings" was uploading 1Mb/s for the last 3 hours.

Screen shot of my active connections:
Current Device:
Phone: Sprint LG G2 LS980
Rom: CloudyFlex
Kernel: Dorimanx
Method: ioRoot v25
Recovery: TeamWin | AutoRec
Previous devices:
Htc Evo 4G - GB - MikG - Underworld Sense - RA-smelkusMOD
Htc Evo 3D - JB - MiUi v5 - MiRaGe JB - 4Ext Revoery - S-Off JuopunutBear