Question [Q] Odexer Tool by MatrixDJ96

Anyone tried out the Odexer Tool yet? I'm using v1.2 but it just seems to break my apps (... has stopped working.). I'm using Android Revolution HD 5.0. Here is what I did:
1)Downloaded and flashed Odexer Tool v1.2
2)Went into Terminal and typed: su --> enter ; odex --> enter ; all --> enter
3) When it's odexing the apps it spams me with "... has stopped working"
edit: restarted my M8 and it went to optimize 200+ apps. apps started working again. but when i went to the terminal and typed odex it said that my system apps are partial odexed.
edit 2: i tried odexing again and it said that my apps were odexed but it seems that only Google apps aren't working (Google Play Games, Chrome, YouTube) The Play Store works fine.